Wednesday, 24 June 2009


So, I've been thinking about possible entries for the threadcakes competition, just flicking through the current threadless shirts for inspiration & these are the one's I've found so far:

This one would be pretty easy. Just have to make a tower of cake & then carve a little pointy bit on top, cover in fondant & cut the red bits out of colours fondant and stick them on, & then pipe on the face.
& then for the cookie, I could either use and actual cookie, or just a bit of round cake..
I don't know about the arms & legs though?

This is actually the back of a t shirt (one that is currently waiting in my virtual threadless basket until I can afford it) called AV. So for this I would just make a square cake, ice it with black fondant or royal icing & then pipe all the detail on I 'spose. It would be fiddley and take a lot of time but I think I could do it. Possible a bit boring though? I'm not sure..

This one's called 'deforstation', & out of all of them I think this would probably be the easiest. A green cake with half tiny little trees & half just little black dots. I could easily make tiny trees out of that icing that comes in blocks of four colours? I can't remember what its called on the box. Buuuuutttt again, it might be kinda boring?

fiiiiinally, the last one in my current list. It caight my attention because a burger is essentially the same shape as a cake. meaning I could just make a few cakes, layer them, & then cut a small bit out where the mouth is open. all the tomatoes & lettuce & also the tongue I can make out of icing. I don't know about the teeth though?

The competition closes on the 1st of July I think? Which means I've got a week. So .. wish me luck? (: