Sunday, 7 June 2009

Forever thine, forever mine, forever ours.

This morning I watched the Sex in the City movie. My mum went to see it when it came out in the cinema, so even though I'd never seen it I knew what happened, but it was still a beautiful film.

One of the reoccuring ideas throughout the films, is love letters. Near the begining of the film when Carrie & Big are in bed together, Carrie is reading a copy of "Love letters of Great Men" & reads some of them aloud to Big including a letter by Beethoven to his "immortal beloved".
After watching the films, the idea of love letters stayed with me & I went on amazon to see if I could find the book, thinking in the back of my mind that the chick-flick had sparked some kind of unique, romantic notion is me. However, scrolling down the page, I saw this:

In a way, it almost ruined it for me. But I'm still going to buy the book.

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