Monday, 14 May 2012


I have become completely OBSESSED with make up lately.
So today I took my first ever trip to the Mac Store, which was very exciting, wanting to pick up some eyeshadows. I wanted something I could wear everyday, so neutral colours, and I thought that I would get   one light and one dark to wear together.
After a lot of swatching and deliberating I settled on Phloof! and Shale.

Phloof! is a "Frosted Off-White" according to Mac, and I think it's so pretty. I was torn between this and Shroom, which I think is quite similar, but in the end Phloof! seemed slightly less white. (And also the name is adorable.)

Shale is "Mauve-Plum with subtle shimmer", which is basically bang on the money. I went in thinking that I would get Satin Taupe, but ended up with this instead which is more purpley. 

They are both so beautiful and I can't wait to wear them (: