Sunday, 21 August 2011

Positive Pranking

I recently found these two videos while re-watching old Vlogbrothers videos

It reminds me of some of the things Rachel wanted to do for her 'appreciation' project, specifically the tasks in the "Random acts of kindness" book like "Plant a flower in someone's garden", which is the one that I liked most.
This is something that I really want to do, but like John Green I'd be really nervous to actually go right up to peoples doors in case the opened them before I got the chance to run away, and we don't have the same kind of "mailboxes" here for me to TP.
But "planting" the lollies in people's gardens, or even public land is such a cute idea, and easier to do, so maybe I'll try that one.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kyeok Kim

Soap Rings

Part of Korean artist's Jewellery as Second Skin series. As you wash your hands, the ring slowly disappears leaving your hands smelling like a drop of perfume.
“… a sensory experience [that becomes] an unconscious ornament.”