Tuesday, 2 June 2009

freedom (:

fiiiiiinally all my exams are over and I have a week & a half of long empty days. lovelyyyy (: So I can actually get around to crossing things off my to-do list:

Decide what I'm going to make for Kieran's birthday cake, & practice it.
Do some sketches & stuff, & then paint Kieran's birthday portrait thing.
Make his other present (: & buy a few extra things for him.
Catch up with some friends, like Pi.
Clear out my junk ): I'm starting to worry that Kieran might leave me if I don't do it, or at least stop coming to my house.
Send off the negatives from my Diana to be made into prints.
Get some 35mm black & white film for the old SLR that my dad gave me.
Take the portaits of my brothers & I that my mum wants for the living room.
Go shopping!!
Catch up on reading. I've got tonnnnss to get through.
Finish off the two paintings that have been hanging around in my room for months.
Get my provisional driving liscence.
Finish my wall - I think I might have enough bits & pieces waiting around.
Go to the Royal Academy summer exhibition
Do something nice for Russell, I'm not sure what yet.
Either fix my sewing machine, or get a new one.
Upload some CDs that have been lying around for a while & give them back to Kieran.
Teach scout to roll over.

& probably some other things .. :/
lots to do, ahaa

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