Thursday, 23 February 2012

Favourites #1

Recently I have found my self spending a fair amount of time in the Beauty Guru part of youtube, and one of my favourite things that they do over there is 'favourites' videos, where, unsurprisingly, they talk about their favourite beauty products of that month.
This gave me the idea to start writing blog posts about my general favourite things of the month. But when I started to list ideas for my first post there were so many that it would be a very long and overwhelming post, so I'm going to make posts about individual things whenever I feel like it. 
I like this way better because I think giving each thing it's own entry makes it even more special (:

So my favourite thing for today (mainly because it is the only one I have managed to take a photo of so far) is my new bunny lamp

I've been lusting after this one by Heico for a year or so now but it is waaayyyy too expensive for my little student budget. So when I saw this miniature version last week in Urban Outfitters for only £8.00 I was very excited, and my lovely mum bought it for me (:
It's so adorableee!! And therefore it is my current favourite. 

Friday, 10 February 2012