Friday, 14 October 2011

Life Things

Hii Blog, So I've been pretty busy with life things lately, like moving out for the first time, and starting a degree in Fine Art, and turning twenty. Y'know.. no big deal. I've been here for over a month now, and I really like it (: I feel at home here. I love being a new place after living within the same 3 square miles for almost my whole life, and I feel happy and at home every time I come back to my room.
This is my desk, as it is right now, with all my photos up on the wall above it (: It was a little weirder than I thought it would be at first, to be away from home and my family. Everything seemed really draining in the first few weeks, and I was surprised to find myself wanting to visit home after only three weeks. Even now, its Friday night, and almost everyone I know here has gone home for the weekend, and I'm torn between going too or staying here alone. It's not much trouble, or money, for me to go. I don't really want to spend the weekend alone. But on the other hand, I have work to do here, but mostly I just feel like I shouldn't go home. I don't want to admit to my family, or myself, that I miss home more than I thought I would.

On a happier note, I really love my course. The people who work around me, and on the course in general have been so friendly to me and are really interesting people. Having my own space to work has been amazing too.
Something I'm working on right now with recycled paper. So yeah, byyee Blog (:

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