Sunday, 13 September 2009

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A lot of the things I've posted lately have been kind of negative. So, here are some positive things:

My timetable for this year is lovely, I have no full days, and no lessons at all on wednesdays.

I had a lovely weekend with Kieran: we went for a walk in the sunshine on saturday & found this really sweet, quiet spot. We went to his house & hung out with the chickens in the garden. We went to blockbuster & rented some films to watch. Then we got into into bed and ate pick'n'mix while we watched them. & then he decided not to go to band practice today (I gave him my cold) so we didn't have to get up until late.

I've caught up with the two main projects for school that I was behind on.

I am eating Phish Food.

& It's two weeks until my birthday! I'm going to be eighteen which is completely ridiculous, I deffinately don't feel that old. & I'm getting driving lessons as my presents which is scary & exciting. Also, my birthday is on a saturday, which means that I can have my party on my actual birthday.

Happy dayssss (:

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